About Us


Our Team creates transparency in the laws and legal procedures before providing services to the clients keeping alive the ethics in advocacy and respect for the legal system.

  1. Civil Litigation
  2. Criminal Litigation
  3. Property Matters
  4. Family Matters
  5. Intellectual Property Rights Complainces
  6. Intellectual Property Rights Litigation
  7. Business Registration and Compliances
  8. Negotiable Instruments
  9. Tax Compliances
  10. Goods and Services Tax
  11. Conveyancing and Property Registration



For Law Students

Our team creates specialized Webinars and Podcasts for all Law students explaining different subjects of Law, important Judgments and communicating daily legal updates. The best part is, they are for FREE!

Pro Bono

The Legit Eye is a legal awareness and facilitation platform where the different subjects of law such as:

  • Criminal laws & procedures
  • Civil Laws & procedures
  • Property Laws
  • Family Laws
  • Mercantile Laws
  • Intellectual Property Laws
  • Corporate Laws
  • International Laws
  • Constitutional Laws
  • Laws relating to Arbitration and Mediation
  • Cyber Laws & Cyber Crime
  • Taxation Laws
  • Human Rights Law
  • Laws relating to Special Contracts
  • Labour & Industrial Laws
  • Consumer Protection Laws

Etc, are explained or expounded or explicated or elucidated in the form of blogs, articles, essays, reports, images or any other forms of writing and videos (whether animations or cinematography).

What differentiates The Legit Eye with other news portals, blogs or channels is that all laws and procedures are demystified to the readers and viewers in the simplest and most concise manner so that any person whether a professional, a student, an aspiring entrepreneur or a housewife will understand them clearly and completely just by a click. We also put forward the Legal aspects of the day to day events in the same form of writings as for the other subjects of law.

The Legit Eye endeavours to make people aware about the legislations, legalities and the legal procedures relating to different subjects of law, helping them being vigilant and work efficiently in the society. Legal services in India are largely inaccessible to the common man leaving him at the mercy of elites and complicated procedures, hence this initiative.